Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Family Camping Trip to Pine Grove

This past weekend we went camping with Russ and his family. We headed out Friday evening and camped at Pine Grove. We took Cozy's boys and JayLee was glad because she had Carter to play with. Jace just drove the four wheeler all weekend getting stuck in the mud and having fun. The boys brought their coyote dogs and went coyote hunting while us girls stayed at camp. We went fishing quite a bit and caught a fish about every time we casted out. It was pretty dang fun and none of us wanted to come home.


Joel and Cozy said...

Thanks Jon and Jessie. My kids love you guys so much. Thanks for everything you guys are awesome

Russ and Lacey said...

Cute pictures!! The kids had so much fun. We need to go alot more than we have been :)

Nate & Rooster said...

Your slide show looks like you had tons of fun. Were coming down in the fall to hunt with Tur so I hope all of you guys can come too!