Sunday, June 8, 2008

Why the Background

So you may wonder why i chose the temple background when Jon & I haven't been sealed together. I have plans to go there and get sealed to Jon and have Mylee sealed to us - its just a matter of time. I am so proud of Jon and how far he has come since i started hanging around him. One of the happiest days of my life was on Nov 8, 2007. We had only been married 5 months and he decided to quit chewing. I had NO idea he was quitting. He was headed bear hunting with Cody to the boulders and i asked if he needed some money for chew. He told me No and i left it at that. Well through the weekend i got thinking about it and realized he had not bought any for quite some time. So i called him and asked him why and he told me that he was trying to quit and that he didn't want to tell me he had quit and just wanted to see how long it would take me to figure it out. Well he hasn't touched it since that date. He has totally cut WAY WAY back on drinking. In fact i can't tell you the last time i have seen him drink. It really surprises that he doesn't drink with his dad. In fact he has been getting after Leon to cut back and realize that he is wasting his life away and that he needs to be here to watch his grandkids grow. I am so thankful to the Lord for Jon. My mom and dad wasn't to excited when they found out that we were getting married. My siblings all gave me crap. But i think that they didn't know the real Jon that i knew. I knew that behind all the chewing, smoking, & drinking there was a guy full of potential to be a great husband and dad. Boy was i RIGHT. And i do have to say that in my opinion he is the favorite Son-in-law. (sorry Cozy-haha) Ok maybe not but they have come to love him as one of their own.
Jon actually went to church with me today and helped me with my primary class. I teach CTR 6 which is 5 year olds turning 6. I have 12 of them in my class and believe me -with all their energy and mylee, it is a handful. But when i got called to this position, it was Blane Farnsworth that i had the interview with and he told me that they were wanting to call Jon as my helper. He asked me if it would push Jon further away from the church if they did or if he needed a little push to get him going to church again. My honest opinion, he needs a little push. I went home and warned him that Blane might be calling him. Well that was at the first of the year and nothing has been done. Jon keeps asking, "I thought Blane was going to call me?" He is joking but i think he needs an "excuse" to go. So there is hope for him to start getting active in the church again and for us to be sealed. Him and by brother have a bet going on jokingly of who is going to go through the temple first. It is quite entertaining for the most part. I know that my dad has had quite a bit of influence on Jon. And Jon keeps telling me that maybe my dad was put in as Bishop to help a certain person. I honestly believe it is Jon.
I keep praying that i can be a good example jon and that someday he can take me and Mylee to the temple so that we can be a family for the eternities.


Williams Whoop-la said...

You go girl, I am behind you all the way. I am so proud of you for having the temple as your goal. Maybe Jon will be the wind beneath Uncle Leon's wings. It will be a beautiful day and bring much joy to his mom. Thank you and keep up the good work. The temple background is awsome by the way.

Nate & Rooster said...

You made me cry! I'm so glad that your such a great influence in Jonny's life. I know there's lots of potential in him too! I had some good talks with him when Nancy got sick and he has a big heart and he knows what's right. I'm pretty sure between you and Mylee being great influences you'll be able to get there and hopefully Leon too! Thanks for sharing something so special with us. We love all of you!!

Denny & Merrilee said...

Wait to go Jess!! Maybe we can have a bet - triple or nothing - to see which one of us gets there first. Oh crap, you have already beat us at everything else, so you will probably win that one too!! We love all three of you, thanks for puttin up with Denny's sense of humor!

Joel and Cozy said...

K first off you made me cry untill I got to the favorite son in law. But i wont go there. Jess your awesome and have patience with Jon. I hope I am there someday with you. Thanks for all you and Jon do for my kids they both LOVE you to death. Thanks for letting me spoil the girl i will never have. I love you jessie!!!!!! cozy
( I only called mom to spell 1 word ha ha)

Jennalee said...

this is an awesome story :) thanks for sharing it is cool to hear about people believing the best in eachother there needs to be more of that going around!!....(sorry, I'm totally blogstalking....I'm Joel's cousin)