Tuesday, July 8, 2008

4th of July Weekend

On Thursday night, the 3rd, we rode down to gunlock and went to the rodeo. We met Bingham and Tammy down there and Jon & Bingham roped. They didn't do that great. A 6.45 won and they got 6.74 plus 5 because jonny only got 1 leg. They would have taken 2nd place but oh wells.
On the 4th, I had to be to work at 5:30 in the morning and worked until 11 in the morning. Then after that we rode to Newcastle and hung out. Russ and Lacey had left Taylin with Tammy because they rode up north to get their "new" car they just bought. And while we were down to Leon's house Jon went out and got a hound puppy. Taylin loved it so she was sharing it with Mylee. She kept kissing it and then she would hand Mylee the puppy to kiss and she didn't like that too much but it was pretty dang cute. That night we went to the rodeo again but this time they didn't do good. Bingham didn't catch. But they still had fun.
Saturday we rode up to the mountain to see my family. It was pretty fun. We talked Russ and Lacey into coming up and eating dinner and watching the UFC fight with us. Us girls went down to the little parade they do at Duck Creek Village. Jay had a lot of fun..they threw her lots of candy and a Frisbee. Then we went back and watched the fight. It was an AWESOME fight..so I hear...i fell asleep the last 2 rounds of the main event. Rampage looks like one MEAN TOUGH guy that i wouldn't want to get pissed off. After the fight we headed home..it was pretty late. Thanks Russ and Lacey for coming up to the cabin.

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Nate & Rooster said...

Sonds like a great time! It makes me want to come home for the rodeos.