Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Weekend Fun

Jon & I watched Cozy's boys over this past weekend and they had a blast. Cozy came out Thursday and did nails and left the boys and then her & Joel went up north to buy them a new pickup. So Friday night Jon & Jace rode the horses out to the arena and roped all night. Then Saturday we got up and went to New Castle. Carter loved playing with the puppies that were at Jay's house. We went to the railroad tracks to smash pennies and were out there for 3 hours and didn't see a train. So we came back and went down to grandma Bea's and visited for a little bit and went out her back door and her sprinklers were on so we all decided to run through them. I guess i shouldn't say all of us because it was only Tammy, me, and the kids that dared run through the sprinkler. But after that we went back down to Papa's house and the kids got in the handcart and Jace pushed them around. That evening they roped again in New Castle. Sunday we went to church and then went back to New Castle. The kids wanted to ride in the cart again and they wanted to take the puppies for a ride so that is were these picture come from. The boys didn't want to go home.

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