Sunday, July 20, 2008

Cabin Fun

So i decided that it is past due of updating the blog....i was doing so good at first but now i am not so good. But last weekend we decided to go up to the cabin at the last minute on Saturday. We left Enterprise around 2:30 in the afternoon and then went to Walmart after we got to Cedar because we needed to get my my some diapers. We got done there and decided to head on up. Cozy called right after we got done at Walmart and said that Travis had just gotten up there and that there was a diesel wreck and that we might have to wait a few minutes because they only had one lane open. Well we got up just past Milt's steakhouse and got stopped. We could see where the truck had lost the brakes and they had it somewhat cleaned up enough and were letting the people come down the mountain and we were just waiting to go up. Well a Motor home got their brakes hot and ended up hitting a boulder and some other cars. Well then like 10 minutes later here comes up 2 more ambulances and 1 more firetruck and then they ended up closing the road for over 3 more hours. So we had to turn around and go up through Brian head. Mom and dad ended up coming up. We ended up getting to the cabin about 7:45 pm. But mom and dad only stayed for 2 hours and then came home. Travis, Lindsey, and Madyson went home about a 1/2 hour after that. Us and cozy's family stayed the was quite fun. The picture of Mylee SCREAMING is because of uncle Bub....The weekend before that - which would have been the 4Th weekend - he started the vacuum and stuck it to her belly and scared the poop out of her. He traumatized her. But unfortunately, uncle Joel has to pay for it too because she cries if she sees him too.....sorry Joel...kiss butt a little more.

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Joel and Cozy said...

Cute Cute ! the pictures are great. It is abiut time you update i was starting to get a little mad. Thanks for the fun but short weekend