Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Shark Museum & Air Show

The first weekend in November we took a trip to Vegas to spend the night. We took Jace and Carter with us. Turley, Misty, their kids, and Karol & Dana went also. We left Friday afternoon after Jon got home from work. We went down to Mandalay Bay to see the sharks which the kids EXTREMELY loved. They got to see Alligators, sharks, lion fish, sea turtles, stinging Rays, star fish, octopus, and much more. Mylee was scared of the alligator. She thought it could get out of the glass cage and get her. After we got done there we went to Circus Circus and let the kids ride all the rides. They had way to much fun. Then we headed to Chana's to spend the night. Her and Casey weren't there but they were so kind to let us sleep there. The next morning we got up and headed for the air show. Nancy wasn't too fond of it cause the loud planes breaking the sound barrier. Mylee liked it for about the first couple of hours and then got tired. The Boys loved it. After that we headed home. It was a fun little family trip.

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Hall Family of 5 said...

It sounds like you guys had lots of fun. So glad you got a chance to get away for a little break. Your kids are so cute and getting so big!