Sunday, August 29, 2010

Friday the 13th!!!

So on Friday August 13th, i woke up and thought to myself- this is NOT going to be a bad day. (little did i know what kind of events would happen in the next week) My mom and annie were on their way driving to Utah so annie could stay a week with us. Well as the day progressed, Nancy started to be more fussy and wouldn't drink her bottle. So i ended up taking her in to the doctor and she had 2 ear infections. Well i thought, that aint to bad. Well that night mylee started to get sick and running a fever. She had no other symptons other than a fever. She fevered all night and into saturday. I had a family reunion and after we got done with it i threw a surprise baby shower for my sister cozy. Well that night mylee was still running a fever. Jon and my dad ended up giving her a blessing. Not but 10 minutes after they gave her a blessing, she jumped off my lap and said, "mama, i no sick. i better" Well sunday was stake conference for our stake. We didn't go to church and stayed home with all my family and visited. Well about 5pm is when it all started. Jon was swinging carter out on the tire swing and mylee was out there. She pushed the empty wooden swing and it went and hit carter in the ear and came back and wiped her out. It hit her in the forehead and split it open to the skull. So here is the over view of the week to follow:
Friday, the 13th - nancy double ear infection; mylee fevering
Saturday, the 14th - family reunion; surprise baby shower for cozy; mylee fevering; priesthood blessing for her;
Sunday, the 15th - stake conference; mylee hit in the head; 10 stitches
Monday, the 16th - sore forehead; mylee fevering again; doctor appt.= step throat;
Tuesday, the 17th - annie's birthday; mylee swollen face; doctor appt= possible skull fracture or tissues draining
Wednesday, the 18th - doctor appt = forehead looks better,no skull fracture
Thursday, the 19th - NO DOCTOR APPT;
Friday, the 20th - Doctor appt= took 5 stitches out
Saturday, the 21st - Relaxed and cleaned house
Sunday, the 22nd - Annie went home
Monday, the 23rd - Doctor appt= took remaining 5 stitches out.


Callie said...

Poor Jess! I'm exhausted just thinking about that crazy week. Hopefully this week will be better.

cmjacobsen said...

wowzer! That all sounds very rough and very busy. Take a deep breath, sounds like you handled it all wonderfully.

The Sanderson Family said...

What a week...... I am glad our little my my is ok.. Carter sure was sad, he loves his mymy.. and by the way what a great photographer you have that took those cute pictures of your girls on the side... we love you all