Sunday, November 22, 2009

My DREAMS came TRUE!!!!

Picture of the Manti temple the night before we went through.
ok so yesterday was the BEST day of my life. Jon & I were sealed in the Temple and then we had Mylee sealed to us. We went up the night before and stayed the night in Ephraim. It was fun to spend that time with my family since we don't do it very often. Mylee loved it. Then we got up Saturday morning and got ready....leaving Mylee with Cozy until later. But let me tell you how AWESOME the experience was. I am so thankful for Jon and for his good example he is to me and Mylee. It has been so wonderful seeing him grow in the church and have the spirit with him. It was very hard to fight the emotions i was feeling yesterday in the temple when you could feel very STRONGLY Nancy's spirit there as we were sealed. When they brought Mylee into our sealing room, i lost it. I couldn't hold back my tears anymore. She looked so BEAUTIFUL in her white dress and as she stood at the alter with us. It was an AMAZING experience and i cannot wait for the day that i get to go and share that same experience with my sister Cozy when they choose to make that step in life. I also want to publicly thank everyone that came and supported us. I know i made you all drive further away to do it in the temple of my dreams, but hey, it only happens once and i have always loved that temple. Thanks for the examples you have all been in mine and Jon's life. We love you all and thanks for sharing our beautiful day with us.

Us coming out of the temple.


Matt and Lena said...

AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME!!! Thank you so much for letting us share this special day with you and giving us the experience! So many people are so proud of the two of you, especially Nancy! Love you and thanks:)

The Sanderson Family said...

I cant even think what i need or want to say.. I cant stop cring... I wish i could have been there with you sharing such a wonderful day... I love you guys so much. My My was so excited to go in and find you in Jesus house.. She looked so cute... Congrats to all of you

Callie said...

Congrats guys! You are awesome examples. It sounds like the day was perfect. I am so happy for you.

Williams Whoop-la said...

DIDO, DIDO, DIDO to what Lena has said. Thank you for letting us be a part of your special day. It was just Beautiful! An experience I will treasure. What a beautiful daughter you have and how perfect she was to end your perfect day. I hope you wrote down your feelings as the sealer suggested so you can always remember those feelings. Love you both thanks again for including us.
PS I will add Tammy to my blog invites. Thanks

Tiffany said...

Jesse Cameron and I would like to say how excited we are for all of you! What a wonderful story, I am so thrilled for you and want you to know that I love you and think you are a wonderful example to all of us!

And John, Jesse wanted me to tell you congratulations and that he is so happy for you and hopes you all continue to be happy!