Saturday, September 12, 2009

New Baby

So i guess i better fess up that we are expecting #2 since i can't really hide it anymore. I am a little over 12 weeks along...due March 24. Jon and I are fighting over finding out what we are having. We didn't find out with Mylee which was really fun, but I really want to find out with this one but of course, Jon doesn't. So i guess next month we will see who wins that argument...(probably Jon) But we are excited and can't wait. Mylee loves having a Baby Ah Ah (Monkey) in my belly. She totally thinks i have a monkey in my belly because we were looking at pictures of her at the hospital right after she was born and she thought it was a monkey. So cute how she thinks that. I am a little nervous how she is going to react having another baby in the house competeing against being da da's girl. I guess we will see what she does.


The Sanderson Family said...

JON you better set the grounds and let her know who the boss is in that house... My sister not that tough i bet her in an arm wrestle... HAHAHA.. And about my my being a monkey.. SHE IS and i LOVE it jon deserves her after giving my all the shi* he did about his kids being perfect.... How does that crow taste?

Nate and Rhonda said...

Well congrats that awesome! I'm so excited for November too- What a year for you guys!

Tiffany said...

Well Congrates...that is way exciting!!! I would never be able to wait to find out!