Saturday, September 12, 2009

DI Dress Up Finds

So for any of you that doesn't know....We call my mom the DI QUEEN...But if it was up to me - Cozy would top her and be the DI Queen. Every time we go to town we have to stop at the DI. Well this last time we stopped I bought this suitcase full of princess dress up clothes and shoes. Mylee loves wearing my shoes so of course she loves the ones in here cause they clunk on the floor. What a princess she is.


The Sanderson Family said...

What are you telling everyone i shop at the DI for.LOL... It about time you up date this thing.. cute shoes sissy. I know i have taught you well... there is no such thing of having to many shoes..

Rye and Portia said...

she is getting so big and cute! How exiting about the new baby to!