Saturday, February 21, 2009

Loving 80 Degree Weather!!

No pictures for this blog, but just wanted to let you all know that i am loving life right now in Tuscon visiting Annie. 80 degree weather and you guys have SNOW!!! Ha Ha. We left Enterprise on Thursday at 12:10 AM and drove all night ariving in Tuscon around 10:30 am. We didn't tell Annie we were coming, we just showed up to her work and surprised her. It was AWESOME. My My misses her daddy and Papa. She wakes up everymorning and started yelling for her Daddy. She did get to talk to Papa last night and thought she was pretty cool. But for the bad news of the trip, Papa called me yesterday morning and said that Grandpa Gardner went to heaven. It is such a blessing that he doesn't have to suffer anymore, but we will sure miss him. After I told Carter that he had died, he asked me, "Well Jessie, who came to pick grandpa Gardner up?" I told him Jonny's Mama did and then he says, "Well what did they drive to Heaven?" I started laughing...I thought that was so cute. Kids are so innocent when it comes to things like that. But i better go, I will post pictures of the trip when we get back home. We are leaving for the ZOO!!! Mylee can't wait to see the MONKEYS! Sorry for the SNOW for the rest of ya!!!

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The Sanderson Family said...

Thanks for the trip. It was fun. sorry for the bad news you got while we were there. I love you jess