Sunday, February 8, 2009

One of the last goodbyes to Grandpa Gardner

Mylee kissing Grandpa goodbye!!

Well here is a 3 generation picture...wish mom was here so she could be in it.

Well as some of you might know, Grandpa Gardner is on his last days. He has failing kidneys and Bone Cancer that is in later stages than what they expected. We went there last Sunday and he was in good spirits, being his normal self. He was complaining about a stiff neck and said he was in a little bit of pain. Mylee was being naughty and kept getting his phone and trying to call Papa and so i went and got her and told her no no and she stuck her tongue out at me and ran off. Grandpa started laughing and couldn't stop. I told him she was acting just like a Gardner. He commented that he was so happy that she made him laugh. He loves when the Great Grand kids come over. But anyways, they ended up taking him to the doctor on Monday and they gave him a morphine patch, and things haven't been great since. Last Sunday was his last day since he was himself. We went there last night and he just slept and wasn't really coherent. But when we went there today, he was awake and just smiling. He tried getting Mylee to come over to him, but she wouldn't because she don't really like him. I think she is just scared of him. He said he was thirsty and they got him water, but he wanted what was in Chana's fountain Pepsi Cup. So we poured him some Pepsi. But as we were leaving we told Mylee to wave to Grandpa and tell him Goodbye and she wanted to kiss him. That just made Grandpas day. I am so Happy that he was coherent and that Mylee kissed him because that is probably the last kiss she will get before he gets to go see Grandma Platt up in heaven. I am so thankful for family and the time we have got to spend with grandpa. He has changed so much since Grandma died. I am very proud of you Grandpa!


The Sanderson Family said...

Sorry you all are going though these times! And why do you always have to put stuff on here that make people cry!!!!!! poo You better spend as much time down there as posible. I wish i was over there to help keep my my.... Love you guys

Matt and Lena said...

Wow! Sorry to hear Gpa is not doing well. It is so good you are close and can be of comfort and help to him at this time. It makes me cry to see the pic of John, Mylee, and Grandpa. Grandma Platt is so proud of you Jessie for all you are doing for your little family and all the love and support you give to John and the rest of his family. You are a great example for all of us. Your awesome:)

Matt and Lena said...

On a lighter note - I was actually thinking this morning about having a "total-body-shut-down" (I'm sure you have heard this story before, if not ask Leon)!!! Grandpa Gardner is classic!!

The Terry's said...

Jessie, this is Becki I found your blog from Waylena's I am glad, I have one too, I can send you an invite if you want. Anyways, I just wanted to say how awesome you are to be there for Grandpa and Jon's Family, they truly an awesome bunch, that I have taken for granted (I have lots of regrets!!)But your blog made me cry, that kiss from Mylee was so special in so many ways and I am sure Nancy is still smiling and crying. I am sorry that I missed out on those times with Grandpa, but I am glad he had girls like you and Lacey to keep him smiling