Saturday, January 22, 2011

Catch Up!!

So i really need to play catch up to what has been going on in our lives. Christmas came and gone. Mylee got what she wanted - a toy box and play dough. Nancy got a dolly and a turtle with balls, which she loves. Jonny got what he wanted - a GPS tracking unit for the hound dogs, and i got surprised with a new video camera. It was a pretty good day. We spent it in Newcastle until christmas evening and then we went home. It was nice to visit all the family. We sent Leon on a scavenger hunt for his new bow all of us kids went in together and bought him. It was quite comical. He pretended like he didn't like the scavenger hunt but i think he really did. We are now into the new year and are grateful for what the last year has brought us. We have all stayed pretty healthy and cant complain. We recently had Teque and Carter's birthday on the 12th of January and then Jon's birthday on the 15th. Nancy started crawling a couple of weeks ago and is into EVERYTHING!! gosh i forgot what it is like having to keep an eye on a little one CONSTANTLY! Mylee is still in preschool and is loving it. At the first of this year she moved upstairs to the big kid primary which she loves singing the HELLO song. She misses playing in the nursery but she thinks she is a big kid. We have been very blessed. I love my family:)


The Sanderson Family said...

Wow !!!! Maybe you could add a picture or two next time...... Just kidding. Love ya all lots..

Callie said...

My boys just moved into primary too. It's nuts to think they are big enough to be there. I'm glad to hear your family is doing so great!