Sunday, February 7, 2010

Jon's Birthday!!

Well I am a little behind updating my blog. Not much has happened since Christmas. Jon's Birthday was fun. He went hunting early on his morning, so when Mylee woke up he was gone. We decorated the front room with balloons and streamers and the Happy Birthday Banner. Then we wrapped some presents for him. So when Jon came home he was surprised. Mylee loved every minute of it. She kept saying Happy Dada!! Happy Dada!! Happy Dada!! I decided to have a birthday dinner for him but had it the night after his birthday. I asked what he wanted for his birthday cake and he told me cherry cheese cake. So i made him a homemade one but talked my mom into making a bikini cake. My dad had got one when i was little and so i talked her into doing one for Jon. So we lit the candles in the cherry cheese cake and him and mylee blew them out and then came out the surprise cake from my mom. He was SO surprised. It was funny. All of his family loved it. He said they were all jealous cause their mother-in-law wouldn't make them a cake like this. We had a good time.


Meghan said...

I'm so sad that I missed Jon's b-day and that cake. It is hilarious!! We are trying for baby #3 so that your dad will get his wish. Just pray that we make it in time!! I have a feeling that this month might just be the month!!

The Sanderson Family said...

stuSorry we couldnt be there. Hope you had a great day. and i just wanted to tell you i cant beleive the bishops wife made that cake MOM.. Just kidding i will need one for joel birthday to... Love you guys..