Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas 2008

Christmas this year was quite the Christmas. We slept over to Leon's Christmas Eve and the whole family was there except Casey. We had a good time playing games and having fun. Then Santa decided to come and we got up Christmas morning with more toys than anyone could imagine. We opened presents and ate breakfast. Mylee got a Spin and Bounce Pony and Jon got a new digital Camera. Then we went to Grandma Bea's for a little bit. After that we met Cozy and Joel in Cedar and headed up the mountain. We were trying to beat the storm that was coming in. The first part of the ride up the mountain wasn't bad. Then it got really bad. They closed the road pretty much right after we got up there. It ended up snowing 18 inches just christmas night. But we got up there and Mylee decided that she was going to have the Flu. So i dealt with throw up and Aunt Cozy helped out quite a bit. She finally quit throwing up Friday morning around 10:00. We played games and then Joel and Jon decided that they were going to go on a little snowmobile ride. They dressed warm but didn't take a flashlight or anything. They had been gone a while and we were playing cards, when someone piped up that they should have been back and it was getting dark. So Cozy got a little nervous. Me and her put on our snowboots and went outside to see if we could hear them. She turned to me and asked if we should go after them and i looked at her and asked if she was stupid. I told her that we would die if we did. So we went back inside and chilled for awhile. This whole time i kept saying prayers that they would be safe. 6:00 pm passed by, it was now dark. My brother piped up saying that he was getting nervous because the snow was too deep to go after them and we were litterally snowed in and couldn't get any vehicles out. So he asked my dad to say a prayer out loud and he agreed that he would. So we all gathered in the living room and my dad offered a prayer, and asked several times that Joel and Jon would be smart and use their heads under the circumstances. He ended the prayer and not but 1 minute later, Joel and Jon showed up. Cozy's snowmobile had broke down on them and they got stuck. But we are grateful that they were safe. Then Saturday we called and they said the road going from Duck creek to Cedar was going to be closed for at least 2 more days, so we were packing up to go through panguitch when Annie decided that she was going to have the flu. So it was a long ride home for her. And just out of panguitch Carter decided that he would have the flu too so Cozy had to dump her purse out and he threw up in it. But we made it home safely Saturday night. It was good to have all the family here from both sides. I love you all.


Joel and Cozy said...

Thanks for the christmas we all wont forget. I love you guys.

Williams Whoop-la said...

You guys sound like you are always having fun. Good for you! And you are usually doing it togther with family. Thanks for the adorable Christmas card. Have a happy new year!

Sara Burgess Schwartz said...

Crazy I found you guys on here!! This is Sara Burgess "Schwartz" How are you guys? Your little girl is so cute!! I am private so, send me your e-mail so I can add you guys k? It is