Thursday, September 11, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

So I am only 2 weekends past of doing labor day, but the heck....least i am updating. We went up to the cabin and stayed from thursday night until monday afternoon. It was a bit chilly. Jon left us on Sunday Evening and met Uncle Scary (stanly) down to Duck Creek Village and went over to the boulders and went bear hunting and came home Monday night. The night he left, Mylee decided that she wanted to be sick and was up all night. me and her finally fell asleep at 5:53am after her being uncomfortable all night, throwing up, and running a fever. We got about an hour and half later and was up for the rest of the day....but we had a great time and it was fun to get together will all the staheli clan.


Joel and Cozy said...

Dang it about time. Do i need to chip in on the internet at mom house so you can keep it up dated!! Ha HA Love you! You guys are awesome

TheStaheliFamily said...

Yeah, Its about time you updated too. I kept checkin back but nothin. Glad to see it!

Nate & Rooster said...

I love the sign and we are jealous of your guys' cabin. Ya I've been slackin' at updating but I didn't one finally. Sorry to hear Mylee was sick thats never fun