Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Our new BISHOP

This is a picture of Carter holding Mylee, standing by Madyson on the Sunday before Mothers Day, May 4. Dad got put in as Bishop of the 3rd Ward. We knew that they were almost a whole year past due of getting one and we kept asking dad who he thought it might be. He would tell us quite a few names of men in his ward. Jon & Joel kept warning him that it was going to be him but he kept laughing at them and denying it. But lo and behold, it was him. We are glad it is him & not any of us but we know that he will do a great job...Now jon can't tell him no when it comes to saying the prayer before dinner....right jon?!!

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Nate & Rooster said...

I'm so excited that you guys have a blog - It's so much fun and Mylee is so dang cute. Now you just need to talk your sister-in-laws Misty and Lacey into doing one so we can watch their kids grow too.